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Conventional three-phase high-voltage transmission lines become uneconomical over long distances, since much of the energy is lost along the way. The solution to this is to use DC transmission lines. The electrical engineers of tomorrow can now be prepared for this with the help of the new training system covering “high-voltage DC transmission (HVDC)”

The HVDC equipment set helps trainees and students to learn in the laboratory how high-voltage DC transmission lines work and what their properties are. The high quality experiments and accompanying e-learning course focus on the converter stations located at each end of the transmission lines, which convert the current from one form to the other. Students learn how to control such stations in a realistic learning environment. At the same time they will become familiar with SCADA software, which is an integral part of the multimedia course.
HVDC technology is now being used in Germany for connecting offshore wind parks to the grid and for transporting electricity to the south of Germany.