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Using the new, internal WiFi interface, the new UniTrain system also supports wireless communication with a PC or tablet computer – another step toward even greater learning flexibility.

In addition to its conventional USB interface, the new UniTrain system now also has WiFi capability, which now launches the compact, portable electronic laboratory into the “internet of things”. UniTrain can make its measurement values available via the internet and the cloud and also transmit analog or digital signals via IP protocol. This enables the total integration of different worlds. Teaching scenarios involving smart metering and smart factories can easily be implemented and thus form a foundation for the growing smart factory trend.

Jörg Sprengepiel, Product Manager for Blended Learning, is convinced: “The new WiFi interface helps the UniTrain gain even greater flexibility and efficiency in the classroom, in the laboratory or at home for students learning on their own”

In the forthcoming newsletters, we guarantee more insights into just where all these new features will be taking the UniTrain in the new year. Read more about the instrumentation highlights on offer in the new UniTrain in the next issue. There is plenty of excitement to come.