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Maintaining a stable supply network in spite of electricity from renewable energy sources: that is what students now test with the new Photovoltaics Professional training system from Lucas-Nülle.

The special feature of the new training system is its solar field simulation: it lets students observe how a modern photovoltaic inverter finds the Maximum Power Point (MPP) in sunny and shady conditions. Furthermore, by reading in real weather data, the students can use measuring equipment to calculate a photovoltaic system’s yield.

The inverter can be observed and controlled via the Lucas-Nülle SCADA software. The students use it to practise regulating the active and reactive power of photovoltaic systems to ensure that the amount of electricity fed into the grid does not exceed its capacity.

A multimedia course integrated into the training system depicts various photovoltaic processes. To this end, the inverter has its output power limited (derating) and the local grid is stabilized via the adjustable local grid transformer.

The training system, which has a 1.5 KW 3-phase system, can be optimally integrated into the Lucas-Nülle Smart Grid Laboratory.

You can find out more about Lucas-Nülle’s Photovoltaics Professional training course here.