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The LabSoft Classroom Manager July 2015 update is now available for you to download from the Lucas-Nülle website. Lucas-Nülle will in future offer this service for all LabSoft Classroom Manager versions.  

Lucas-Nülle has set up the LabSoft Classroom Manager update in such a way that you can simply install updates and use them with your existing dongle. This means that the latest version of the LabSoft Classroom Manager is now always available to every customer. An update is possible at any time.

In addition to the usual bug fixing, the new July 2015 update allows the editor to be used to edit LabSoft courses which were created in an HTML5-compatible format. The update also provides new templates for course and test creation with Editor and Questioner, the layout of which matches the course layout.

The latest LabSoft Classroom Manager July 2015 update can be found here.